The musical-visual artists Bruno Mestriner and Yuri Garfunkel from São Paulo city make up SOPA Art Br duo
By gathering several artistic languages SOPA has created its own aesthetics employed to different visual arts areas (comics, illustration, design and urban arts) and instrumental music.

These working areas bond has resulted in synesthetic exhibitions of urban arts and music: "Música Visual" (Coletivo Galeria, São Paulo, 2009 and Festival de Cultura Brasileira, Bologna - Italy, 2011); and "X-Sampa" ((El Conventillo Verde, Buenos Aires - Argentina, 2011 and Matilha Cultural, São Paulo, 2011).

In 2012 and 2013, the musical-visual exhibition called X-Sampa was spread to public spaces with original painting enlargements, in X-Sampa Interactive Mural format, in several points in São Paulo (Trianon Park, 2012, considered an attraction in the Design Weekend festival; Ibirapuera Park, and República and São Bento Underground stations, 2013; Luz Park, Buenos Aires Park and Povo’s Park, 2014.)

Still in 2013 SOPA performed a second musical-visual interactive exhibition called Lendas na Rua (Legends in the Street), taking as its subject the origin legends of the national folklore most meaningful characters. Lendas na Rua took part in the 2013 Design Weekend festival (Trianon Park); and in 2016 it was Virada Cultural’s attraction (Ibirapuera Park), Jornada do Patrimônio (Paulista Avenue) and Dia do Saci no Espaço de Leitura (Água Branca Park.)

Lendas na Rua project originated, in 2014, the musical-visual lab called Laboratório de Lendas, enhancing SOPA’s educational content as its focus in 2015, with workshops taking place in several SESC units in São Paulo state.

In November, 2016 SOPA performed its third urban arts interactive exhibition telling, in comics language, Samba history in the event that celebrated Samba Centenary, which took place in Paulista Avenue.

Yuri Garfunkel
Graduated at Waldorf Rudolf Steiner School in São Paulo and Licentiate’s degree in Visual Arts at Faculdade Paulista de Artes (Paulista Arts Faculty, 2003 - 2007).

Yuri is a professional illustrator and has worked since 2000 in editorial, institutional and audiovisual areas.

He has also acted as a flute musician in several projects of the musical scene in São Paulo, among them Frigazz Moviment of Spontaneous Music and the instrumental group Kaoll, which has been part since 2009, working as an instrumentalist, composer and producer in the albums “Kaoll & Lanny Gordin: Auto-Hipnose” (2010), “0dd”(2014), and “Sob os Olhos de Eva” (2017); and in over 200 concerts throughout 17 states of Brazil, besides an European tour in 2014.

Bruno Mestriner
Graduated at Waldorf Rudolf Steiner School in São Paulo and in Product Design at Centro Universitário de Belas Artes (Universitary Center of Fine Arts) in São Paulo (2002-2005).

Bruno acts as a designer since 2001, specialized in cultural projects, in charge of visual communications of several artists, festivals and institutional projects related to ecology and health.

Also, worked as an Installer Electrician in São Paulo and boat electrician in Antigua and Barbuda (Caribbean.)

As a bass player musician, he has taken part in many projects of the musical scene in São Paulo, among them the band Clarah Averbuck & The Oneyedcats and Frigazz Movement of Spontaneous Music, as well as going along in an international tour of the African group Kwame Afrovibes.

He is also responsible for Sound Citizens group formation in Antigua & Barbuda, where he has lived and participated of international tours for 6 months a year.

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